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Business and Corporate Law

We can provide you with advice and direction to help you start your business. If you already have an established business we can provide you with the forms, documents, or contracts you need, and advise and assist you with any legal issues you may encounter. If you deal with regulatory agencies we can handle the required filings and help resolve any issues caused by the agency.

You have a business, or an idea for a business.  You know what product you want to sell, you know how you want to market it.  But how should you structure your business?  Should you take a salary or distributions?  We can help you plan the structure and start your business.  We will provide all the necessary documents to get your business going, such as:

  • Secretary of State Filings
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Operating Agreements

We don’t leave you out in the cold once you get your business up and running either.  In addition to doing yearly corporate filings, we can write the contracts, leases, and other documents you might need for the day to day operations of your business.



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