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Employment Law

We can provide training, policies, and advice that can help limit your liability as an employer. We can assist with employee discipline, personnel decisions, unemployment claims, and discrimination or wrongful termination complaints. 

You started your business because you had an idea, but there is more to it than making your product.  We can help take the risk out of the human element of running a business, reducing your liability.  We can provide advice and representation for any employment or staffing issues you encounter.


Employee Screening

We can interview or review resumes of applicants before providing you wish a short list for interview consideration.


Employment Contracts, Human Resources Policies, and other Operating Documents

We can provide contracts and policies for your employees.  Clearly outlining employee roles, responsibilities, and expectations can reduce your liability if an issue arises.


Human Resources, Employer, and Management Consulting

We can provide advice on what workplace policies are necessary and acceptable, what traits are or aren’t desired, and where common sources of liability caused by employees, among many other subjects.


Maine Human Rights Commission Claims

Whether it is an employee, customer, or tenant, a Maine Human Rights Commission complaint can take time to respond to and can end up costing you if it does not end in your favor.  We can provide policies and guidance that will help prevent these claims, and can help defend you if a claim is filed.


Unemployment Defense

Employees that quit or are terminated for misconduct sometimes still try to claim unemployment benefits that they should not be entitled to.  We can help you through the investigatory process and can handle appeals of decisions awarding unemployment.




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