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Estate Planning

We can help you create a plan that will meet your goals for retirement and beyond. We can ensure that your assets are protected allowing you to have a comfortable retirement and leave something behind for your children and loved ones.



A well written will can be the difference between having your wishes carried out and having a court decide who gets what.  The laws about wills changed in 2007, so even if you have a will there may be problems if it was written before that.  We can write a will that reflects your wishes, and can also provide any supporting documents needed to make sure those wishes are carried out.


Trusts and Trust Administration

A trust can give specific instructions to provide for the financial security or support of you, your children, or a loved one now and in the future.  From ensuring your grandchildren’s inheritance gets spent on college or separating a disabled family member from their assets to make them eligible for Mainecare, trusts are a great tool for making sure your assets are used as you want them to be used, both during your life and beyond.  We can also serve as trustees for your trust, where protect the trust assets and make sure they are invested carefully and spent properly.


Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney can give someone authority to make healthcare or financial decisions for you.  These can be written so they go into effect if something was to happen to you, or you can have them take effect on a certain date.  They can give someone very broad decision making power, or they can be written to allow someone to only do a specific thing for you.


Mainecare Planning

Mainecare Estate Recovery is a process that could result in the Department of Health and Human Services taking possession of your home and other assets once you pass.  Additionally, Mainecare has financial requirements that typically force you to spend all your money before you can start receiving benefits.  With proper planning, this process can be minimized or avoided, ensuring your home stays in your family and your loved ones are not left with nothing.  Even if a sudden emergency forces you to apply, you can still act quickly and protect a large amount of your assets.


Mainecare Applications

Applying for Mainecare can be a complicated process, and if you are applying for Mainecare extra difficulty is probably the last thing you need.  We can deal with the bureaucracy, and give you guidance about what the requirements are in plain English rather than in the dense text of a Department of Health and Human Services manual.


Guardianship and Conservatorship

If you have an elderly or disabled loved on in your life that is having difficulty caring for herself, you can petition the court to become her guardian, to make healthcare decisions for her, or conservator, to make financial decisions for her.  We have extensive experience with this process, and have relationships with area healthcare and financial institutions that will ensure that your loved one receives high quality care and asset management.


Healthcare Directives

If you are worried about becoming a burden to your loved ones, or you want to make sure your wishes are honored if you became unable to express them, an advanced healthcare directive will tell doctors what treatments you want and what treatments you don’t.


Property and Real Estate Transfers

Often a will, trust, or other document will say that a piece of property is supposed to go to a certain person. We can write the deeds and do the filings to give effect to those wishes.




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