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Probate Court

The Probate court adds a level of difficulty and complexity to situations that are usually stressful enough on their own. Whether you are dealing with a loved one’s estate, or trying to get guardianship due to a family member’s failing health, we can handle the legal issues, letting you focus on what’s really important.


Probate of an Estate

The process of probate after a loved one has passed can be a confusing undertaking at a difficult time.  We can help you with this process as much or as little as you want-from simply being there when you have a question, to stepping in and taking the entire process off your hands


Guardianship and Conservatorship

If you have an elderly or disabled loved on in your life that is having difficulty caring for herself, you can petition the court to become her guardian, to make healthcare decisions for her, or conservator, to make financial decisions for her.  We have extensive experience with this process, and have relationships with area healthcare and financial institutions that will ensure that your loved one receives high quality care and asset management.



Adoption is a wonderful time that is unfortunately complicated by a legal process.  We can make that process go as smoothly as possible for you, allowing you to focus on your growing family.


Will Contest

Unfortunately, the elderly can be susceptible to influence and abuse by people they thought they could trust.  If you believe that your loved one’s will does not reflect their true wishes, we may be able to help.




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