Employment Law Consultations for Businesses in Maine

Dealing with Employees & Benefits

Employment law is any law that relates to you and your benefits at your place of work. If you start a business, you may need an experienced lawyer to help you understand all the law that comes with employment and a business. Winchell Law & Associates can provide training, policies, and advice that can help to limit your liability as an employer. We can assist with employee discipline, personal decisions, unemployment claims, discrimination, wrongful termination complaints, and more. If you are starting a business, contact a trusted attorney like Roberta Winchell at Winchell Law & Associates.

Reduce the Risk of Hiring Practices with Legal Advice

When you started your business, you had an amazing idea. However, there is more to a business than creating your product, especially when you employ staff. Winchell Law & Associates can help take the risk out of the employment side of running a business. We can help you reduce your liability by providing advice and representation for any employment or staffing issues you encounter. We can help to interview, or review resumes of applicants in an employee screening. Winchell Law & Associates is then able to provide you with a short list for interview consideration. We help you every step of the way when hiring.

Writing Contracts & Human Resource Policies for Employees

After you decide who to hire, Roberta Winchell and Winchell Law & Associates can provide contracts and human resource policies for your employees. These will clearly outline employee roles and expectations to reduce liabilities. We can also give advice on what workplace policies are necessary and acceptable. If an issue were to arise, a Maine Human Rights Commission complaint could be made. These can cost you a lot of money if it does not end in your favor. Winchell Law & Associates can help you prevent these Maine Human Rights Commission claims by helping to create policies that work in today’s various employment environments. And in the event where you need to fire someone, or they quit and are trying to get unemployment benefits they should not have, we can help. Call us today for a consultation on what policies should be in effect at your new business.