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Nothing is more important than family, and here at Winchell Law & Associates, we want to help keep your family connected even in rough times. There are many aspects to family law that require a professional attorney to consult with and represent you. If you need assistance from an expert attorney in or around Bangor, Maine, give Winchell Law & Associates a call.

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Some Examples of Family Law include:

Prenuptial Agreements: Nobody likes to think that their marriage could end in divorce, but it can happen. Something that can be a useful tool to avoid endless hours in court is a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement can specify what happens if you get divorced. You and your spouse have the benefit of making this decision while you are caring and level-headed, rather than fighting about it in court.

Parental Rights and Responsibilities (Custody): Children are the most important thing in your life. Roberta Winchell knows this from the amount of time she has spent volunteering and working with children. If you are having a custody dispute, Winchell Law & Associates will work to put your children in the best possible situation. We will ensure that they receive sufficient support and appropriate visitation.

Grandparents’ Rights: Sometimes it is up to the grandparents to help raise a child. If you are a grandparent who has stepped up to the plate and helped raise your grandchild or grandchildren, you have rights. If you have lost touch with your grandchildren because of divorce or the death of your son or daughter, we understand your desire to maintain visitation as a grandparent. Winchell Law & Associates will assist you in learning those rights and will let you know if you are able to continue seeing your beloved grandchild.

Guardianship and Conservatorship: If you have a family member who is no longer able to take care of themselves, you may want to become their guardian and conservator. This title will allow you to make healthcare and financial decisions on their behalf. Winchell Law & Associates wants to help you ensure that your loved ones have the care and security they deserve.

Domestic Relations and Protection Orders: If you have ever been involved in a domestic violence situation, you need the help of an expert attorney to assist you in protection documentation. The safety of you and your family is extremely important to us here at Winchell Law & Associates. We work with the local courts to keep you safe and, if children are involved, we get them the support they need to keep them safe during visitation.

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