Wills and the Legal Counsel You Need on Estate Matters in Maine

Caring & Professional Attorney Assisting on Wills

Wills are a well-written document that can mean the difference between having your wishes carried out and having a court decide who gets what. Since the laws about wills changed in 2007, a will you have written prior to that time could have problems. You need an expert who knows the new laws and who can write a will that will have your specific instructions carried out after passing. To have a will written and carried out exactly how you want, you need a caring and professional attorney to assist. Roberta Winchell is ready to help you write a will that will be carried out correctly.

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Contesting Wills to Protect Writer’s Interest

Writing wills or changing existing ones can be tricky and can sometimes come with issues. It can be difficult when family members discover a family member has become the victim of fraud, where people try to take advantage of their age or vulnerability. Unfortunately, those who are writing a will can be susceptible to influence and abuse by people they thought they could trust. If you believe that your loved one’s will did not reflect their true wishes, we may be able to help. Winchell Law & Associates can help you contest the will to better carry out the wishes of the original will holder.

Wills Written with Care in Bangor, ME

Roberta Winchell and others at Winchell Law & Associates know that every will is important and needs to be written with care. With laws changing and others trying to take advantage, it is important to have an attorney with your best interest at heart. Roberta Winchell is a Bangor, Maine, native and will do everything in her power to assist you in writing or contesting a will. We are skilled in assisting with the legal process that a will has to go through to be made legal and binding. Call us to schedule a consultation for the writing or contesting of a will.