Trusts for Financial Security for Loved Ones

Trusts Give Specific Instructions for Assets

Trusts are a tool that gives specific instructions to provide the financial security or support for you, your children, or a loved one. A trust can be carried out in present day or in the future. It is important to have a trust to ensure your grandchildren receive an inheritance that they can use towards college or other life goals. If you have a disabled family member, you can separate them from their assets to make them eligible for Mainecare.

Trusts are a great tool for making sure your assets are used as you want them to be used, both during your life and beyond. However, forming a trust can be a complicated process. Depending on who you are setting aside your assets for, they may need them put in different places to help them out in life. Winchell Law & Associates can help you do this and try to make this process easier to understand.

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Knowledgeable Advice on Finding the Perfect Trustee

When you create a trust, you need a trustee. A trustee is the individual who is given the power to administer the trust when you specify. For example, if there is a 16-year-old who you would like to provide assets to go towards their college degree, the trustee would allow them to have those assets when they turn 18. The trustee must be a trustworthy individual if they have this power in their hands. Winchell Law & Associates operates with fidelity and can also serve as a trustee for your trust. We will protect the trust assets and make sure they are invested carefully and spent properly. For more information on trusts and trustees, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Call Roberta Winchell to Create a Trust

Winchell Law & Associates is the attorney to call when creating or distributing a trust. Roberta Winchell is a Bangor, Maine, native and will do everything in her power to guide you through the process of creating a trust and appointing a trustee. We listen to your every request and make sure it is carried out at the time you specify. Leave your worries with us about the trusts you leave to your family and loved ones.